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Guided Plant Spirit Ceremony 
& Custom Flower Essence Potion 

90 min in-person session
Pasadena, Ca*

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A one-on-one ceremonial dialogue incorporating guided plant meditation, plant ally introduction, heart to heart conversation and a custom healing potion made with local vibrational wildflowers.  For anyone seeking support, intuitive guidance and Plant Spirit Healing during these intensely challenging times.  

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What to expect
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You can think of a session as a personalized ceremony in honor of you, your current healing path and your emotional, energetic needs.  Using sound, guided meditation, divination techniques and my collection of locally alchemized flower essences, I will guide you to the realm of Plant Spirit Medicine where the plants show up as our allies, healers and teachers. With the support of these extraordinarily intelligent and benevolent beings, I matchmake your new team of plant allies and create a customized flower essence formula. I facilitate this introduction in an interactive and collaborative process so you leave feeling intimately acquainted with the plant world and self-empowered in your own healing process. This is an opportunity to experience intuitive plant communication (yes, everyone is capable of this) and investigate any curiosities you may have about this paradigm of healing.  I will also help you incorporate plant medicine in your everyday lifestyle, health regimen and spiritual practice.

My own path has been a continual re-remembering of how sensitive, intuitive and magical we really are, despite the systemic oppression of our individual and collective power.  These are very challenging times so if you’re feeling disconnected, depressed, confused or anxious, please know that the plants are here for us and have so much to offer our emotional and spiritual selves. Their wisdom is undeniable if we so choose to listen.  I’m here to provide a kind, gentle and receptive space to do so.


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* Home Visits and Donation Based Sessions are Available

I am here to serve my community and all income levels.  For those with financial limitations I'm offering a few pay what you can and/or trade options each month.  You can also arrange a home visit.  Commute fee may be included depending on location.  

Email sunsongcollection@gmail.com to arrange.

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