Upcoming Events & Workshops

Yin Yoga with Sun Song Flower Essences
With SA RA of Manifestation Yin
At PAM Residencies
Sundays @8-9pm

Spirit House Collective presents 
Tea with our Ancestors
An evening of tea, ceremony and creative experimentation in honor of our ancestor spirits
With Yumi Sakugawa & Saewon Oh
8.18.17 @7-9pm

SCIVIAS Nine Herbs Charm Performance
With Hannah Mjølsnes and Petrine Vinje
At Tegnerforbundet in Oslo, Norway 
9.10.17 @2pm

Wildflowers the Canyon: Flower Essences for Activists and Healers 
With Amanda Ackerman & Saewon Oh
Hosted by Mercado Sagrado
9.23.17 TBD

Past Events

Sun Song Tea and Herbal bundles for 
Astral Projection & Remote Viewing with Eliza Swann
A workshop hosted by Mercado Sagrado
5.6.17 @6-9pm in Topanga Canyon

9 Herbs Charm Tea Servings
At Louise Dany in Oslo, Norway
Finnisage 5.18.17 @6-10pm 
Goddess Gifted Mystery School
Golden Dome School Fundraiser 
Sun song products for sale 2-4 pm 
Flower Essences and the Emotional Body Workshop at 4pm 
2.16.17 @12-5pm at HM157

Wildflowers in the Canyon
A flower essence workshop hosted by Mercado Sagrado
With Amanda Ackerman & Saewon Oh 
4.1.17 @1-4pm 

Artemisia Tea Ceremony
"A tea ceremony dedicated to heightening perception of the auric vibrations of plants"
hosted by Days LA and Artemisia Plant Coop
3.22.17 @6-8pm

Sun song Pop-Up shop with bfgf
Teas, potions, & flower essences for sale
2.25.17 @1-5pm in Mandarin Plaza 

The Golden Dome School Presents
Tactical Magic: Supernatural Skills for the Revolution
The first of a monthly series facilitated by Eliza Swann
Lecture & Plant Meditation
1.15.17 @2pm in Mt. Washington

Statues & Attitudes organized by Megan Whitmarsh & Jade Gordan 
Activating the Feralscape: A Somatic Plant Writing Ceremony
with Amanda Ackerman & Saewon Oh
2.4.17 @2-4pm at Human Resources

Sun Song at Twenty Days Pop Up 
At Days LA
Dec 2-22, 2016

Witches Unite with Standing Rock
Donation based reiki & flower essences for Standing Rock

Hosted by Elephant Art Space
11.27.16 @12-3pm

YES GODDESS Performance at Void Of Course
Hosted by Elephant Art Space
11.20.16 @6pm

Speak Up! Communication with Plants, Animals, Weather, Our Community
With Eliza Swann, Grace Kredell & Saewon Oh 
At The Women's Center for Creative Work 
4.18.16 @7-9pm

You Are Dreaming: An Interactive Workshop for Dreamers
With Virginia G. Bennett, Ph.D., Danielle Garber & Saewon Oh 
11.3.15 @10am-4pm in Oakland, CA

Somatic Plant Writing Workshop
With Amanda Ackerman, Laura Copelin & Saewon Oh 
5.3.15 at Mercado Sagrado in Malibu, CA