Upcoming Events & Workshops


Spirit House Collective presents 
Year of the High Priestess Anniversary Event
2.24.18 @11-5pm 
at NOH/WAVE gallery 420 E 3rd St #130, LA, CA 90013

Plant Communication & Radical Communion
with Amanda Ackerman & Saewon Oh 
3.2.18 @7–9pm
at Women's Center for Creative Work
2425 Glover Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90031

We are always communicating with the natural world. Through our gestures, breath, emotion, and visioning, we co-exist and co-evolve in a constant flow of interaction.  However, our ability to notice these interactions is often obscured. This workshop will provide techniques for awakening our interspecies selves and engaging the language and intelligence of plants. Opening ourselves to nonhuman worlds can promote unexpected, innovative, and deviant ways to care for ourselves and others.

In this workshop, we’ll work with specific herbs, teas, oils, and flower essences whose medicine (or gifts) offer specific insights into the current collective issues we are traveling through.  We will learn daily self-care applications, with special focus given to activists, healers, dreamers, and anyone wishing for an antidote to our political present. Make vital space for your own wellbeing. All bodies and backgrounds welcome.

The Wandering Ear: Invitation to Hear the Earth Breath and Rebels Sing
In conjunction to the exhibition, Johanna Breiding: The Rebel Body, currently on view at Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro.
The afternoon will include works by Basma Alsharif, Dylan Mira, Saewon Oh and Dorian Wood.
3.10.18 @1-4pm 

Speaker is a microphone
An experimental audio tour through rebel bodies, ancestral mythologies, and the geopolitical echoes of Angels Gate including an aural ringing of the Korean Friendship Bell. Using automatic writing, plant based practices, and field recordings Saewon Oh and Dylan Mira feel the space. 

​​GNOSIS presented by Mystic Bazaar
3.17.18 @1-10 PM
at The Vortex 2341 E Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, Ca 90021

Past Events

Flower Essence Workshop at Simples 
1.25.18 @6-7:30pm 

Potion Making Workshop 
hosted by Spirit House Collective
1.12.18 @7-9pm

Medusa's Song
an Herbal Ceremony with Medea/Medusa and Sun Song 
at Days 1709 N. Kenmore Ave. LA, CA 90027 
12.19.17 @8:30pm-10 pm 

On one of the darkest nights of the year, an invitation from Sarah Manuwal of Medea/Medusa and Saewon Oh of Sun Song to pause, release, and return through an intentional herbal ceremony. Working with native plants, the ceremony will move through the idea of the snake and shed past selves with White Sage essence, set boundaries and create a "new skin" with Tree Tobacco, and bring in new energies with Elderflower—all with the help of a Mugwort vinegar.

Join us to explore these archetypal ideas and to reset for the Solar New Year.
Come dive into the shadow self, release what is not serving you, and return with light. 

Limited to 10 participants: $35
Buy your ticket HERE
Ticket includes participation in the ceremony, a handmade ceramic goblet, and a portion of the herbal essences used.

medusas songmedusas song

Day Space Night Holiday Pop Up
China Town Central Plaza
937 Sun Mun Way
Dec 1-3; Friday 7-10pm, Sat & Sun 12-6pm 
Holiday Pop featuring DSN, Cat Lauigan, This Repair Shop, Sun Song, Graham Keegan, Ako Castuera, Shepherdess Holistic Hides, BCB maker, Chau's Old Clothes, Rob Sato 

A December Collective: Gifts for the Spirit 
12.2.17 @10am-4pm 
December represents unity, trust, a divine connection and taking the time to tap into your personal power. Wisdom, truth, honoring your own dreams and desires surround this month and each of us should embrace that. Giving to OURSELVES as well as others is a personal gift to the soul.  Please join us in sharing our collective offerings to you:
coffee readings, hands on healing, reiki, magickal goods, stick & poke, tarot, vintage + more

Sun Song at Mercado Sagrado
Located at Paramount Ranch
New products and custom formulas for sale 
Sat 11.4.17 @11am-5pm
Sun 11.5.17 @10am-4pm 

Plant Communication & Radical Communion
a workshop with Amanda Ackerman of Plant Language
Sat 11.4.17 @3:30-5pm 

We are always communicating with the natural world. Through our gestures, breath, emotion, and visioning, we co-exist and co-evolve in a constant flow of interaction.  However, our ability to notice these interactions is often obscured.  This workshop will provide techniques for awakening our interspecies selves and engaging the language of plants.  We’ll work with specific herbs, teas, and flower essences whose medicine (or gifts) offer specific insight into the current collective issues we are traveling through.  All bodies and backgrounds welcome.

Yin Yoga with Sun Song Flower Essences
With SA RA of Manifestation Yin
At PAM Residencies
Sundays @8-9pm

ManifestationYin is a new kind of introspective yoga experience for manifesting dreams. Based on the universal principle of the external reality as a reflection of what is internal, this ritual illumines the deeper psyche where dreams reside. Space is given to open, listen, release, and receive from the innermost Self. This ritual magnetizes and amplifies the heart’s signals to catalyze personal expansion, from desires into physical reality.  For all levels and bodies.  Participants will need their own mats.

Spirit House Collective presents 
Tea with our Ancestors
An evening of tea, ceremony and creative experimentation in honor of our ancestor spirits
With Yumi Sakugawa & Saewon Oh
8.18.17 @7-9pm

SCIVIAS Nine Herbs Charm Performance
With Hannah Mjølsnes and Petrine Vinje
At Tegnerforbundet in Oslo, Norway 
9.10.17 @2pm

Sun Song Tea and Herbal bundles for 
Astral Projection & Remote Viewing with Eliza Swann
A workshop hosted by Mercado Sagrado
5.6.17 @6-9pm in Topanga Canyon

9 Herbs Charm Tea Servings
At Louise Dany in Oslo, Norway
Finnisage 5.18.17 @6-10pm 
Goddess Gifted Mystery School
Golden Dome School Fundraiser 
Sun song products for sale 2-4 pm 
Flower Essences and the Emotional Body Workshop at 4pm 
2.16.17 @12-5pm at HM157

Wildflowers in the Canyon
A flower essence workshop hosted by Mercado Sagrado
With Amanda Ackerman & Saewon Oh 
4.1.17 @1-4pm 

Artemisia Tea Ceremony
"A tea ceremony dedicated to heightening perception of the auric vibrations of plants"
hosted by Days LA and Artemisia Plant Coop
3.22.17 @6-8pm

Sun song Pop-Up shop with bfgf
Teas, potions, & flower essences for sale
2.25.17 @1-5pm in Mandarin Plaza 

The Golden Dome School Presents
Tactical Magic: Supernatural Skills for the Revolution
The first of a monthly series facilitated by Eliza Swann
Lecture & Plant Meditation
1.15.17 @2pm in Mt. Washington

Statues & Attitudes organized by Megan Whitmarsh & Jade Gordan 
Activating the Feralscape: A Somatic Plant Writing Ceremony
with Amanda Ackerman & Saewon Oh
2.4.17 @2-4pm at Human Resources

Sun Song at Twenty Days Pop Up 
At Days LA
Dec 2-22, 2016

Witches Unite with Standing Rock
Donation based reiki & flower essences for Standing Rock

Hosted by Elephant Art Space
11.27.16 @12-3pm

YES GODDESS Performance at Void Of Course
Hosted by Elephant Art Space
11.20.16 @6pm

Speak Up! Communication with Plants, Animals, Weather, Our Community
With Eliza Swann, Grace Kredell & Saewon Oh 
At The Women's Center for Creative Work 
4.18.16 @7-9pm

You Are Dreaming: An Interactive Workshop for Dreamers
With Virginia G. Bennett, Ph.D., Danielle Garber & Saewon Oh 
11.3.15 @10am-4pm in Oakland, CA

Somatic Plant Writing Workshop
With Amanda Ackerman, Laura Copelin & Saewon Oh 
5.3.15 at Mercado Sagrado in Malibu, CA